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In 2003, Chance Comstock and Marcus S. Payavla met while working at a successful restaurant. As friends and co-workers, they learned that running a restaurant is tireless work, but with a consistent formula, they could make something special. And on April 7, 2008, their vision came true when the partners opened the doors of Orleans Seafood Kitchen in the Katy area. The idea for Orleans started over a few drinks one night while the pair were discussing what they would do if they owned a restaurant.

While building a good working relationship for many years, the experience and knowledge they learned from one another, along with seeing the successes and failures of different general managers and owners, they felt confident it was their time. The one obstacle they had to endure was raising enough money to open their dream. So after several years of devoted savings and planning, the time finally arrived for the dream to become a reality.

Oftentimes, when customers visit a restaurant, they are interested to know who the owners are and if they are working. With Chance and Marcus present, customers have had the opportunity to speak in depth about the restaurant or share suggestions with them, knowing that their comments would be received and considered. This gives customers a sense of satisfaction, knowing that their ideas and opinions can contribute to the betterment of the restaurant.

This was how Chance and Marcus knew they would make their mark as working owners. It’s not like this concept hasn’t been done before: They knew with two working owners it would give them an edge over many restaurants where customers are just a number. They knew, by being involved and engaged with the restaurant and customers directly, the two of them could make it work successfully.

Marcus S. Payavla

Chance Comstock

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