Purging Crawfish to Decrease Gut Contents

Effectiveness of Purging Crawfish

Is Purging Crawfish in a Saltwater Bath a Myth?

One of the more common discussions we have with guests at Orleans Seafood Kitchen related to crawfish is the widely held opinion that soaking crawfish in a saltwater bath, prior to cooking, purges the gut content. This practice is so widely held as truth that it is almost imaginable that this procedure could actually be a myth. Recently, LSU did a study to test this concept. They washed one test set of crawfish in freshwater, another in saltwater and yet another remained unwashed. The washed crawfish had less exterior debris because the life crawfish rubbed against each other in the close quarters of their bath, which made for a cleaner crawfish in the boiling pot, but the bath did little in either case to reduce the gut content. Though not a wide practice, some commercial crawfish farms, will soak the crawfish away from their food source for 24 hours to purge the gut, but the saltwater bath theory has turned out to be nothing more than a myth perpetuated over the years… as far back as the 1800s and over the course of crawfish fans cooking nearly 100 million pounds of commercially available Louisiana crawfish.

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